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Pinetop Country Club POA
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                             ABOUT OUR PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION 

History of the PTCCPOA

Pinetop Country Club was incorporated in 1965. The Club’s founders mapped out the original property sites and formulated the governing CC&R‘s to insure the uniformity and compliance of the homes and property bordering the Club. The Property Owners Association was incorporated in 1971 and administered by Pinetop Country Club as a committee under the authority of the PTCC Board of Directors. The PTCCPOA is broken down into two units. Unit I is composed of 149 lots and Unit II has 333 lots respectively for a total of 482 properties . Both Units are administrated as one and share identical CC&R’s.
This arrangement lasted until 1998 when the Club wished to divest itself from the administration and liability of the POA. In July of that year an agreement was negotiated between PTCC and PTCCPOA for the gradual transfer of responsibilities to the Association, subject to an interim period on monitoring by the PTCC Board of Directors.
By July 2000, the Board of Directors of the Country Club and the Property Owners Association agreed that the two year monitoring period was successful and transferred all rights, duties, obligations, expenses and responsibilities from the Country Club to the Property Owners Association. An Amendment to the Declaration of Restrictions was ratified by the owners of the properties within the Unit.
Our Association and Arizona Statutes
The Pinetop Country Club Property Owners Association, by definition, is not considered to be A Planned Community. Our Association does not own and/or maintain common properties, structures, utilities, streets, curbs, street lighting, etc. and thus is exempt from Laws and Regulations, adopted by the Arizona State Legislature, applying to a Home Owner and Property Owner Associations.
Our Association does, however, try to operate within those rules and regulations that are common sense in approach, beneficial to the Association and Property Owners and, do not burden, hamper or impede the administrative responsibilities of the Association.

Board of Directors
A list of Board Members is included in this Web Site.
Updating our CC&R’s
Our CC&R’s have been in effect since 1965 and have never been modified since their inception. Further, the modification of the Declarations of Restrictions is an arduous task requiring the notarized approval of 75% of the 482 property owners. It is the difficulty of the task and the improbability of success that has kept them as they are.
The Difference between Units 1 & 2 and Units 3, 4 and 5
The perimeter of boundary lines of our Units, 1 & 2 are, in many cases, the adjacent property lines of Units 3, 4 & 5, particularly along the north and east portions of our Units and along the common streets such as Buck Springs, Tall Pine, Elk and Sunset, etc. It is sometimes difficult to determine where our Unit begins and ends.
We point this out to alert you to these conditions because the CC&R’s for Units 3, 4 & 5 differ from Units 1 & 2. While the differences are subtle they can create problems, particularly in proposed construction and building setback requirements.
Reviewing the Map of Units 1 & 2 in the Document Section will help familiarize you with the limits of our units and those of 3, 4 & 5. If there are any questions, contact the Architectural Review Chairman prior to applying for a permit.
Annual Meeting
The Association holds an Annual Meeting each year on the 2nd Monday of July. Signs noting the Annual Meeting for the Association are erected at the entrance to the Country Club area and a reminder will be included in the Spring newsletter as well.
Regular Board Meetings
The seasonal aspect of our community alters our ability to conduct our regular board meetings on a consistent basis. From May through October, meetings are scheduled depending upon the scope and time frames of the agenda items. At the end of October many of the Board members leave for the season not to return till the spring. Meetings are open to the membership but please call any Board member for meeting dates and times.
All property owners in Units 1 & 2 have a right to file a complaint with the Board regardless of whether the complaint is being lodged against property owners in general or the Board and/or Board members.  Any complaints may be filed with the Association Manager: Mark Sweeney with Frank M. Smith & Associates.